Thursday, 13 January 2011


Today, late in the morning I left the site at 52 Nine Elms Lane to go to Hackney where I was to visit a friend for an hour or so, but ended staying for several hours receiving valuable counseling on how to deal with the bailiffs prospective visit on the 14th Jan, in a reasonable, prudent, well-intentioned and peaceful manner even though I had had many of my possessions damaged and tools burgled by Constant & Co, the bailiffs, on the 23rd  Dec 2010.
The bailiffs were to arrive as per our verbal contract (made on the 30th Dec 2010) on the Friday 14th Jan, and I was concerned as to how to deal with the situation effectively, even under the potential threat of violence to my person and property, so that everyone’s needs could be met.
When I returned from my visit to Hackney, the bailiffs had again entered the site, in breach of our verbal contract, without warning or notice, (and hence unlawfully); they had again changed the locks, and this time removed all my vehicles, including my remaining tools, all my living accommodation, clothes, food etc, amounting to a burglary (Unlawful Entry and Theft) of several thousand pounds worth of tools and equipment.
I fail to see how either this action, or the previous actions of Constant& Co, the bailiffs (Peace officers!) in this case, are either reasonable or proportionate; in fact it seems to me to be most a serious abuse of their powers, contrary to all guidance and public policy on the treatment of travellers, in particular of a single traveller, the most vulnerable of a very  vulnerable group of people. It is contrary to the ECHR, the Human Rights Act, the Bailiffs Code of Conduct, and more seriously yet, it is contrary to both Common Law and Equity.
I have thus been rendered homeless and without a means to earn a living through  the deprivation of all my tools and equipment.
I will be reporting the crime of Burglary as per the incident on the 23rd Dec 2010 to a constable in Lambeth Police station, and making a complaint to the following bodies:

Association of Civil Enforcement Agencies
Chesham House
150 Regent Street
London W1R 5FA     Tel: 020-7432 0366
Fax: 020-7432 0516

The Executive Director
Certificated Bailiffs Association
Ridgefield House
14 John Dalton Street
Manchester M2 6JR     Tel: 0161-839 7225
Fax: 0161-834 2433

Institute of Revenues Ratings and Valuation
41 Doughty Street
London WC1N 2LF     Tel: 020-7831 3505
Fax: 020-7831 2048

Sheriffs' Officers' Association
Ashfield House
Illingworth Street
West Yorkshire WF5 8AL     Tel: 01924-279005
Fax: 01924-280114

Under Sheriffs' Association
20-21 Tooks Court
London EC4A 1LB     Tel 020-7025 2550
Fax- 020-7025 2551

Local Authority Civil Enforcement Forum
Brighton & Hove City Council
Priory House
PO Box 2929
Brighton BN1 1PS     Tel:01273-291876
Fax: 01273-291 881

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