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Wednesday, 11 June 2008


fact: there are UFOs in the universe, and they frequent the Earth's boiosphere.
deduction: a culture which can fly UFOs across, or through space, or elsewhere, has cracked the "free energy" problem...
prediction: they probably have acess to a practically infinite source of energy.
deduction: such a culture must be peaceful, or they would have destroyed themselves...
opinion: such a (peaceful and all-powerful!) culture would be extreemely unlikely to allow humanity access to such power, unless or until we can show that we would (collectively...) behave responsibly with that power.
deduction: to solve all our energy (and other...) problems we simply need to develop a considerably greater degree of COLLECTIVE COMMON SENSE, and we need to learn all about NATURAL LAW and TRUE LOVE.

? Love is the Law
Love and the Will !


Anyone who is an "eco-activist" (and that might mean only by thinking about it...?!!)
is quite obviously, to some degree, protecting Life and Property (the Earth!!)
from the most serious threat to Life and Property on the Earth,
which, as if we didn't all know it...
is due to Un-necessary and Unreasonable Environmental Damage and Destruction.

The Law states quite plainly,
that to injure your neighbour KNOWINGLY is Reckless and Criminal
(in Law, your neighbour is anyone affected by what you do...).
Without this law (whether it is written or not), there can be no society.
The Law recognises physical, emotional, and mental injury...

Un-necessary and Unreasonable Environmental Damage and Destruction
is the most serious physical, emotional, and mental in jury
which is being done to EVERYONE on the planet, RIGHT NOW,
....and Everyone KNOWS about it!

Un-necessary and Unreasonable Environmental Damage and Destruction
Is the most serious threat to Life and Property....
and is the most serious breach of the Criminal Law...

Anyone who is an "eco-activist"
is protecting Life and Property
and is upholding the Law.

The Police Vow of Office is
"To Protect Life and Property and to uphold the Law".

Therefore the entire "Green Movement" is upholding the Police Vow of Office.....

I Propose a procession/gathering/whatever...
(more than three people anyway)
of Rainbow Warriors at StoneHenge this midsummer
with a banner or two proclaiming:


When was the last time you heard of anyone being arrested in Public,
( front of tv cameras???!!!)
for upholding the Police Vow of Office?

Any Answers??! :-)


Tuesday, 3 June 2008



I am a link in the Golden Chain of love
That stretches round the world
And I must keep my link bright and strong.

So I will try to be kind and gentle
To every living thing I meet
And to protect and help all who are
weaker than myself.

And I will try to think pure and beautiful thoughts, To speak pure and beautiful words
And do pure and beautiful actions.
May every link in the Golden Chain
Become bright and strong.



A clean life, an open mind, a pure heart, an eager intellect, a brotherliness for all and a constant eye to the service of the People & Planet. May we live in the light of these ideals, may we be true brothers and may the Blessing of the People & Planet be on us, every one.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Life After People

have you seen or heard of a film called "Life After People"?

you can download it here:

The film portrays graphically what would happen to human society without the support of the skilled work-force.

Un-necessary and unreasonable damage and destruction of the Earth's natural environment (which is our collective life and property), is now seriously endangering Human Life on the Earth.

Knowingly endangering life, by damaging or destroying any property, is a serious criminal offence, which is called ‘Aggravated Criminal Damage’ and which has a maximum sentence of Life Imprisonment.

The skilled work-force (who, by definition are not stupid!), would much rather work together, using all the amazing and splendid technology which they have designed and created, to create a beautiful garden on the Earth for Humanity now, and for future generations of children.

At present therefore, economic and administrative policies and contracts are unduly coercing and influencing the skilled work-force to commit the serious criminal offence of ‘Aggravated Criminal Damage’ to the Earth's precious natural environment.

In Contract Law, it states quite plainly, that:





The 'Divine Right of Kings' was a doctrine which asserted that the King at any given time was naturally God's Representative on Earth.

As time went by the Kings started to abuse their powers and this gave rise to discontent in the country and eventually the King's ministers grouped together and over-ruled the King, forming the first Parliament and thereby ending the Divine Right of Kings.

The original purpose in creating a Parliament was thus to end the Divine Right of Kings.

Therefore, even though we do not have a written constitution in Britain, it would seem that it must be unconstitutional for Parliament to assume what would appear to be a “Divine Right of Parliament” by enacting: the Public 'Order' Act; the Criminal 'Justice' Act; and now the Anti 'Terrorist' Act, which effectively say that Parliament can now make up any further acts they choose, and we are only allowed to protest against the acts if the Government allows us to do so.

an average child watches roughly 36,000 hours of TV by age 18, viewing some 15,000 murders.

Estimates vary widely, but an average child is reported to log roughly 36,000 hours of television by the age of 18, viewing some 15,000 murders.

The myth of redemptive violence is the simplest, laziest, most exciting,
uncomplicated, irrational, and primitive depiction of evil the world has
even known. Furthermore, its orientation toward evil is one into which
virtually all modern children (boys especially) are socialised in the
process of maturation. Children select this mythic structure because they have already been led, by culturally reinforced cues and role models, to resonate with its simplistic view of reality. Its presence everywhere is not the result of a conspiracy of Babylonian priests secretly buying up the mass media with Iraqi oil money, but a function of values endlessly reinforced by the Domination System. By making violence pleasurable, fascinating, and entertaining, the Powers are able to delude people into compliance with a system that is cheating them of their very lives.

The psychodynamics of the TV cartoon or comic book are marvelously simple:
children identify with the good guy so that they can think of themselves
as good. This enables them to project out onto the bad guy their own
repressed anger, violence, rebelliousness, or lust, and then vicariously
to enjoy their own evil by watching the bad guy initially prevail. This
segment of the show – the ”Tammuz” element, where the hero suffers –
actually consumes all but the closing minutes, allowing ample time for
indulging the violent side of the self. When the good guy finally wins,
viewers are then able to reassert control over their own inner tendencies,
repress them, and re-establish a sense of goodness without coming to any
insight about their own inner evil. The villain’s punishment provides
catharsis; one forswears the villain’s ways and heaps condemnation on him
in a guilt-free orgy of aggression. Salvation is found through
identification with the hero.

Once children have been indoctrinated into the expectations of a dominator
society, they may never outgrow the need to locate all evil outside
themselves. Even as adults they tend to scapegoat others for all that is
wrong in the world. They continue to depend on group identification and
the upholding of social norms for a sense of well-being.

No religious system has even remotely rivalled the myth of
redemptive violence in its ability to catechise its young so totally. From
the earliest age, children are awash in depictions of violence as the
ultimate solution to human conflicts. Nor does saturation in the myth end
with the close of adolescence. There is no rite of passage from adolescent
to adult status in the national cult of violence, but rather a years-long
assimilation to adult television and movie fare. Not all shows for
children or adults are based on violence, of course. Reality is far more
complex than the simplicities of this myth, and maturer minds will demand
more subtle, nuanced, complex presentations. But the basic structure of
the combat myth underlies the pap to which a great many adults turn in
order to escape the harsher realities of their everyday lives: spy
thrillers, westerns, cop shows, and combat programmes. It is as if we must
watch so much ”redemptive” violence to reassure ourselves, against the
deluge of facts to the contrary in our actual day-to-day lives, that
reality really is that simple.

WANTED! -cast and crew for revolutionary film...

WANTED! -cast and crew for revolutionary film...

Dear friends of People and Planet,

I have written a short 15 minute film entitled 'Reckless In Charge Of A Planet' on the subject of 'Tort Law as Applied the Environment'.

The aim is to create an entertaining piece of work which is designed to educate, and empower the audience on this pressing subject.


A lumberjack who hates cutting trees down decides to throw in his job.

On the way to the interview for an eco-friendly job, he is arrested after being involved in a bicycle accident.

Whilst in police custody he realizes that most activities in modern society are criminal, since they knowingly cause damage to life and property by damaging the environment.

He sets about educating those around him as to the legal implications of their daily lives, and more importantly, WHAT WE CAN ALL DO ABOUT IT!

Before he knows it, our hero has instigated a global environmental revolution…!