Tuesday, 25 January 2011


15th Jan 15.27hrs

Today at 14.39, Bryan Lecoche of Constant Bailiffs called me and asked what am I doing to remove my vehicles from the “pound” where they have been taken, a journey of around 10 miles from where they were taken in  Wandsworth. I explained that as per my email to Chris Johnson earlier today, I cannot remove the vehicles, and the only person I know who has a traders policy is not free until next week

Mr Lecoche expressed that he was “getting a bit fed up with me”, I eplained that he was not anywhere near as fed up as I am with his company, their having unlawfully removed my home and all tools and equipment.
Mr Lecoche said that the eviction was not unlawful, and having had over 10 years and probably thousands of similar cases to deal with he thought he knew more about Common Law evictions than I do.
I explained that I have been campaigning for over thirty years on Common Law and the environment, and I further explained to him the difference between the powers under Common Law to evict (a) where the entry was violent (no need to ask before using reasonable force, and (b) where, as in this case, no violence was used to gain entry, there is a lawful necessity to take reasonable steps to  ASK FIRST before using reasonable force.

Mr Lecoche asked for assurance that my friend is genuine in his offer to move my vehicles, including a request for his phone number, which I refused without first asking my friend if he minds Mr Lecoche [an employee of Constant & Co, who have a very dubious reputation when dealing with travellers - my friend is a traveller], having his number. Mr Lecoche seemed annoyed at my refusal to give him my friend’s number without asking first, a simple courtesy which I would extend to any friend whose number even another friend of mine wanted. If that friend were annoyed at this courtesy, I would refuse even to ask.

I am minded to withdraw any offer or agreement to move my vehicles from the yard where they have been unlawfully removed to, which will incur me a considerable inconvenience and expense in returning the favour my friend has offered, and, as per my email to Chris Johnson on 17/01/2011 01:53, to insist that Constant & Co return them to the yard in Nine Elms Lane from where they were unlawfully removed.

20th Jan, 16.00

I have just spoken to the Station Officer at Brixton Police Station, who informs me that the issue has been transferred to Inspector Roach of Wandsworth, who will delegate it to a detective to investigate in due course. I have been made aware that a crime having been reported and allocated a crime number, Constant & Co, Thames Water etc cannot destroy my property until it has been investigated.

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