Sunday, 14 August 2011

A Response to the London Riots . . ..

A common cause of disaffection shared by most of the people

involved in the riots, (and a great multitude who were not

involved), has to be the inhumanity of the built environment on

inner city housing estates, together with extreemely limited

education and employment (escape) prospects, except for

exceptionally gifted and highly motivated young people in an

extreemely challenging environment.

Our built environment is directly created through investment of

finance, or lack of it, which is directly controlled by the banks.

The banks are controlled from the City of London, which is an

independant state, similar to the Vatican State, and it is NOT

subject, nor is it answerable, to the English Parliament.

In fact, for several hundred years, due to insufferable levels of

National Dect, and consequent interest payments thereupon

(since the time of Cromwell), the English Government has been

heavily influenced, if not completely controlled by the City.

People need to be engaged in employment which benefits the

environment in which we all live, rather than damaging and

destroying it for limited financial gain; this is the only way for

people to gain proper respect for self AND others, and a 

healthy pride in the local area, which will halt vandalism and 

anti-social behaviour

Bearing in mind that over 95% of the money in the world has

been created by the fraudulent (criminal) practice of Fractional

Reserve Banking, and consists of nothing more substantial than

millivolts of electricity in a computer, there is no real economic

reason why that 'money' should not be seized by the English

Government under the 'Proceeds of Crime Act', and used to 

pay the people to use all our splendid and amazing 

technologies in the creation of a beautiful  

Permaculture world to live in.

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