Monday, 2 June 2008

WANTED! -cast and crew for revolutionary film...

WANTED! -cast and crew for revolutionary film...

Dear friends of People and Planet,

I have written a short 15 minute film entitled 'Reckless In Charge Of A Planet' on the subject of 'Tort Law as Applied the Environment'.

The aim is to create an entertaining piece of work which is designed to educate, and empower the audience on this pressing subject.


A lumberjack who hates cutting trees down decides to throw in his job.

On the way to the interview for an eco-friendly job, he is arrested after being involved in a bicycle accident.

Whilst in police custody he realizes that most activities in modern society are criminal, since they knowingly cause damage to life and property by damaging the environment.

He sets about educating those around him as to the legal implications of their daily lives, and more importantly, WHAT WE CAN ALL DO ABOUT IT!

Before he knows it, our hero has instigated a global environmental revolution…!


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TheRSVPNetwork said...

I really like this but would prefer if it were me and if it were not a lumberjack… but a disgruntled father that can not get a job due to not only being in probation but because of….. (insert other implications of strife that I have gone through here)… and then leads to your idea of telling people what they do wrong and how they can change etc…. i really like your idea.